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                Smart Life Design Courses 


Smart Life Design courses  establish your life dreams and goals through personal development and education . We use an assesement tool

LIFE WHEEL  which focuses on the most important  aspects of emotional intelligence and life balance .



The Wheel of Life is based on the notion that there are specific categories—or what we call Areas of Focus—that form the cornerstone of your overall life experience. Coaching is weekly for an hour by phone or Skype where we drill down and work with the area you have selected ...Each section is intimately interwoven with the next and designed to get a very balanced holistic outcome  weather you complete one of the courses or all 7 main categories .

The Wheel of Life Categories

Although the name you give these Wheel of Life categories may vary, these areas themselves are generally the same for each of us.

The Wheel of Life categories include:

Health: Your physical health and well-being (can also include your emotional health).

Relationships: Includes your primary intimate relationship, family, and friends.

Social: Includes religious/spiritual communities and other group activities.

Financial: Your ability to manage your money effectively, save, budget, and invest.

Professional/Business: This is your work category, which can break out into a Wheel of Business.

Personal Growth: Although not everyone might have an Area of Focus for personal development, anyone interested in Self-Actualization does.

Spirituality: This can be its own category or simply the driving force behind all of your Areas of Focus.

These are the basic categories of most people’s Wheel of Life.

Additional Wheel of Life categories might include:

  • Mental Health

  • Attitude

  • Creativity

  • Contribution

  • Lifestyle

  • Recreation

Or anything else that might play a dominant role in your life.